Fishing kayak Grapper Goliath

Fishing kayak GRAPPER Goliath


Stable and comfortable, professional high end fishing kayak packed with all the necessary features for any kind of fishing, including sea and ocean ones. 4.12 meters long and nearly 1 meter in width. Extremely stable and top end chair which could be adjusted as well as fold away, front to back flat floored kayak for up-standing fishing possibilities, designed in mind for all day usage without any straits. Durable and made from high grade LLDPE Polyethylene with UV inhibitors, while resulting in a light overall weight for the size.

Type: Sit-on

Technical data
Length: 4120мм
Width: 860мм
Height: 433мм
Weight: 43kg
Load capacity: 250+kg
Body material: UV 8 rating LLDPE 4.5mm (Polyethylene made in USA). Elastic, resistant when hit, repairable.

Production technology: Rotational moulding low pressure

Bottom type: threemaran

Shipping weight: 45-48kg


  • Full size comfortable chair – adjustable, as well as foldable
  • Fully flat floor
  • Rudder kit with remote foot control
  • Foot rests and control high end
  • Rudder securing
  • 6 board plates – to be used as mounting points for all kind of additional equipment, without making any holes into the kayak hull
  • Front crossbar with 5 star port connectors – universal connectors for different kind of accessories
  • Reinforcement crossbar behind the chair
  • Paddle  – 220мм, 2 pieces disassembling, light weight, floating, 3 positions of adjustment
  • All mountings are from stainless steel
  • Possibility to fit additional crossbar at the center
  • Possibility to fit additional crossbar at the back
  • Front storage big hatch – with lockable cover and watertight
  • Center storage hatch – lockable and watertight
  • Rear storage hatch – lockable and watertight
  • 2 Side handles  – for carrying, moving, lacing. Could be operated by single person.
  • 2 end handles, front and rear  – for carrying, moving, lacing. Could be operated by single person
  • 2 paddle or other equipment securing point
  • Big rear storage – with X bungee cord for securing the luggage
  • 8 scupper plugs
  • 1 drowning plug
  • Possibility for trolley anchor kit  – side (additional equipment, not included)
  • Fresh and salt water usage (please wash after use and store off direct sunlight)
  • Designed for up-standing fishing – stable trapezoidal hull form
  • Foot rests – adjustable
  • Free of use mounting points for GPS, or 360° rod holder or else – on the side
  • Possibility for sonar installation
  • Many possibilities for add-ons, customization and mounting of different accessories
  • warranty 2 years


Fishing kayak Grapper Goliath
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