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Terms and Conditions


We attach high importance and high value to the stratification of our costumer as well as the quality of our products.

Firstly and most important of all, if you experience any problems with our items please contact us accordingly so we could try to resolve them if we can.


  1. The Scope of the terms and conditions 

By using our service as a merchant of items, you agree with the usage of our terms & conditions


  1. Delivery 

We are doing our best that you receive your item on time as stated in any item delivery schedule. However transport is outsourced, and there could be exclusion if any or some of the paragraphs here become valid.

While we do our best to control all processes we could not influence with force transport and it’s complicity and many variations, so we could not guarantee that the item will arrive exactly on time as stated. Please be patient and expect your item very soon after stated, if delayed, there could be 1 or 2 days delay. If delay appears more than the couple of days after the stated day of delivery, please inform us accordingly.

We will ship the ordered item after receipt of full payment.

Force major is valid statement in case of responsibility regarding the transport, usage of the boats or any other dependency we have.


  1. Storage & care of the item 

All items unless specifically said so, are mend to be used outdoor. If used in salt water, item should be washed with fresh water before immobilization for storage purposes. For most prolonged life time, all items should be stored with protection from weather conditions. However, most products are plastic so they have limited life time and this is dependent from usage and storage conditions.


  1. Condition of delivered product 

Every product comes almost completely assembled unless said so. Accessories usually come fully assembled, while complete water vessels usually have a small part of the equipment which comes in not mounted, mainly to logistics and transport reasons.

Colours – as visualization of the products is a process of many variations and dependability, we have tried to do what we can to visualize items the best way out, however, there could be some difference in the colour in reality from the pictured one. This would and should NOT distract the usage and appearance of the product in anyway while being used by purpose.

Have in mind that these are very large plastic water vessels, so regardless of the quality of the mould and all of the care and necessary measures taken through the whole production processes, it could have some minor imperfections. However, these would and should NOT affect the use of the water vessel in any way.


  1. Receipt of delivery 

In order to have a precise transfer of responsibility, please take photo or a video as the product is handled to you.

If you consider there is a damage happened during transport, please write this down to the transport document while taking the signature.

We assume no liability for small damages like scratches which could occur in the normal processes of production and transport. However, these would and should NOT affect the use of the water vessel in any way.

The claim should be accompanied by a copy of the document with signature and written complain, as well as the photo or video clearly showing the handling process and how the item has consequences of damage appearing to happened during the transport process. CMR convention may apply when items are shipped from European warehouse out of Germany.


  1. Usage on own responsibility  

Please have always in mind that most of our products are water vessels so health & safety is your concern. It is absolutely mandatory to wear approved and appropriate for the conditions of use and your physical specifications life vest. We could not guarantee any injury or else happened out of usage, while skipping of use any sense of danger of yours.

Force major is valid statement in case of responsibility regarding the transport, usage of the boats or any other dependency we have.


  1. Warranty 

In case a warranty case occurs for a full refund conditions, we either send you a new item or if unavailable we return your money within 30 days after raising the claim.


  1. Withdraw of order 

Once an order is placed, if you want to cancel it you should sent your will to cancel within one hour of placement. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that the item would not be processed like shipment and executed as such.

Please note that this allies unharmed of your withdraw right.


If a returning case occurs, transport costs will be significant due to the weight and specifications of the kayak. For the moment, we can only estimate in several hundreds of EUR for Germany maximal approx. 90-100 EUR for the Pike models and maximal approx. 200-250 EUR for the other models in Germany and Austria, in other countries it could be slightly more. However, we are constantly searching to improve this, and therefore we believe there will be soon more reasonable solution.


  1. Copyright 

Grapper kayaks is a registered trademark and it reserves all right alongside the trademark as well as its own images, illustrations and texts.


  1. Applicable law 

Grapper EOOD is registered and located in Bulgaria, consequently the Bulgarian law is applicable but  unharmed the German consumer protection remains valid. Possible claims must be addressed to a Bulgarian court and enforced by it.


  1. Invalid term or condition 

If one or more paragraphs are invalid or legal gaps occur the other paragraphs and if necessary the law applies.



If any doubt, questions or hints regarding a product or any terms & conditions paragraph, please ask or tell us through e-mail (info@grapperkayaks.bg) in order to undoubtedly register in case it is needed to be so.


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